Protests greet Buhari On Arrival In London, Deluded Presidency Point Accusing Fingers At Others

Arrival of President Muhammadu Buhari in London was heralded by protests by groups of Nigerians resident in the UK, even as deluded Presidency point accusing fingers at political opponents affected by recent steps by the Buhari government, rather than embarking on a reality check.

The protest took place at the Abuja House official residence of the Nigerian president in London.

While a source in the presidency said those affected by Mr. Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade were jolted by his decision to seek re-election, “forcing them to push panic buttons including renting a motley crowd of professional demonstrators to protest against the President on his arrival into the United Kingdom,” they fail to look inwards at his gross incompetence, negligence and abuse of office that an increasing number of respected Nigerians have been pointing at recently.

Nigerians from all works of life have become increasingly disillusioned with the Buhari government recently, and have been voicing out their concerns boldly.

There was even the first lady who clearly voiced her readiness not to re-elect her husband come 2019, as long as he continues to display such level of ineptitude. Former president Obasanjo, who played key role in installing Buhari has also been lately critical of his handiwork.

Clergymen are not left out as a very respected Bishop, Mathew Hassan Kukah recently cried out aloud with the government of Buhari. A former Chief of Army Staff recently criticised the Army under Buhari of being partisan, which worsens the insecurity in the country. Furthermore, the gross nonchalance displayed by Buhari at cases of insecurity in different parts of the country, preferring to attend high profile weddings than go to empathize with victims of insecurity that was a sign of his failures in an area he claims was his major achievement. Songs of Buhari’s failure in government continue to rent the airwaves across.

President Buhari’s democratic credentials have also come under severe criticism. He had told a select audience at the Chatham House in London, way back when he was a candidate that he was a “reformed democrat” in obvious reference to his days as a brutal military dictator. But evidently, he has shown that if anything, he is even more brutal than ever. His disdain for the rule of law is legendary to the extent that the Chief Justice of the Federation had once told him to his face to learn to obey court orders. He has persistently defied several court orders to free Sheikh Zakzaky and Dasuki among others. He sent his troops to extra judicially kill members of the Islamic Movement in Zaria barely six months into his rule, wiping out thousands in just one weekend and burying them in mass graves.

Rather than look at his failures as the cause of protest wherever he went, he thinks it is some perceived persons whom he termed supporters of alleged looters and corrupt elements within and outside the country who were behind the protests.

The protest came 24 hours after Mr. Buhari declared his intention to contest for another term in office as president of Nigeria in 2019.


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