Sowore Of Sahara Reporters Grace Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out

The Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out campaign at the Unity Fountain, Abuja was attended by Omoyele Sowore, the publisher of Sahara Reporters, the famous online media outfit yesterday, on the 84th day, Tuesday.

Sowore, who is also the convener of the Take Back Nigeria movement and a 2019 presidential aspirant, declared at the sit out that Nigerians must be free to practice their religion wherever they are. Recalling the events that culminated in the extrajudicial murder of over 347 Shiites and their quick burial in mass graves in December 2015, “I was on the phone with Sheikh Zakzaky’s wife, Zeenah during the brutal assault on the Shiite community in Zaria that night.”

Sowore also decried the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky, despite numerous court orders for his release.

He declared that the Take Back Nigeria movement is committed to the emergence of a Nigeria where every Nigerian is free to worship and practice his or her faith, without fear of persecution.

He commended supporters of the Islamic Movement for the peaceful nature of their protests and assured them that in a Nigeria that was led by the Take-Back Nigeria movement, Sheikh Zakzaky, the Nigerian Shiite community and all Nigerians would be free to practice their faith.


He reminded the audience that Nigerians are all victims as well in one way or the other. “Sunni Muslims, Christians and people of all religious faiths are also constant victims of violence, kidnappings, economic deprivation and other hardships,” he explained, noting that “a bad government affects all people of all faiths!”

The members of the Islamic Movement crowned Sowore, “Sarkin Yakin Free Zakzaky” in recognition of his untiring efforts and dedication to ensure the release of Sheikh Zakzaky and that justice is done for all those murdered extra-judicially during the heinous crimes by the Nigerian troops in 2015.


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