Govt Not Comfortable With Abuja Free Zakzaky Sit Out – Police

The Nigerian Police has said categorically that the government is not comfortable with the the daily Sit-Out to demand the release of Sheikh Zakzaky that has been taking place at the Unity Fountain, Abuja.

This was stated while granting ‘bail’ to the Convener of the Sit Out, Prince Deji Adeyanju on Friday. According to the police, the daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out must not continue because ‘government is not comfortable’ with it.

Another condition for the bail included that the surety who stood for Prince Deji must bring him back next Monday.

In a swift reaction however to these conditions, the Concerned Nigerians rejected the conditions in its entirety, stating that they will be approaching the courts for the protection of their fundamental rights.

A number of activists have taken to twitter to react to the revelation that government is not comfortable with the free Zakzaky Sit Out. One of such read: “An indication we are on the right path. If this buffoon-led government is comfortable with your actions, you should question your conscience. Fire on @adeyanjudeji.”

Another said: “Imagine … “government is not comfortable”. Of course, Tyrants are not comfortable to call of justice anyways.”

Other reactions included: “We don’t vote government to be comfortable. we want the citizens to be comfortable with govt not vice versa.”

“That’s the idea! We protest to make ’em uncomfortable…”

Imagine the comment…’The government is not comfortable’
Awon o de…. Who says the protesters too are comfortable? Nigerians too are not comfortable with the way @MBuhari & his agents of socioeconomic & national doom are running the affairs of this country.”

“All tyrants have one thing in common – they are always not comfortable when people gather. #FreeZakzaky”

“What do they mean by ‘government is not comfortable’? If the government of this incompetent leader @MBuhari is not comfortable, why won’t they do the needful? @PoliceNG is just a disaster to this country. Continue being used to enthrone wickedness in this country.”

“No one needs the comfort of the government.Do the right thing. The Nigerian Police is a disaster and always a willing tool in the hands of useless and wicked politicians. May God help our Country.”

The Sit Out will however continue.


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One Thought to “Govt Not Comfortable With Abuja Free Zakzaky Sit Out – Police”

  1. Dsghani

    Who cares, are the Shi’ite comfortable with Gellesu genocide and Mandou mass grave? Fire on @adeyanjudeji we only language we understand is #FREEZAKZAKY.

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