Update: Number Of Persons Arrested In Abuja Following Free Zakzaky Protest Over 230

We have confirmed massive arrest of persons today in Abuja following a Free Zakzaky protest numbering over 230. Many of them are having injuries following police aggression using live ammunition and teargas on a group of peaceful marchers.

The police in Abuja are hell bent on forcibly stopping our legitimate campaign for the government to obey the orders of its courts by freeing Sheikh Zakzaky.

Last week, the authorities used combat ready policemen to forcibly stop the daily free Zakzaky sit out at the Unity Fountain and also arbitrarily detained Prince Deji Adeyanju, one of the conveners of the sit out.

While in their custody, Deji was clearly told that ‘the government is uncomfortable with the free Zakzaky campaign’ going on in Abuja. He was told to stop it or face dire consequences.

Clearly, the government has been looking for ways to infiltrate and give the campaign a semblance of “riot” so that they could use that as excuse to completely stop it, akin to giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

It is therefore not surprising therefore that the police is attacking peaceful protests and portraying to the world as if the protesters are the aggressors, when indeed they are the victims.

We have also reliably learnt that the authorities have it on their cards the transfer of Sheikh Zakzaky to Kaduna as a way of stemming the peaceful protest in Abuja.

Whatever they do, nothing short of complete obedience to the court judgement will assuage the campaign to see that the Sheikh and his wife are free.


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