Activist Elnathan Takes To Twitter In Defense Of Calmest Organized Group In Nigeria

A Nigerian Activist, @elnathan_john: took to Twitter to defend members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) whom he described as the calmest organized group in Nigeria before “Nigerian hypocrites condemn” them for protesting.

Using the hashtags: #FreeZakzaky #StopTheHypocrisy #StopKillingShiites and #JusticeAndEquityForAll, he thread his thoughts, which he wanted those hypocrites to consider before condemning IMN members for protesting.

Read the thread below:

As Nigerian hypocrites condemn Shiites for protesting, some facts to show they are perhaps the calmest organised group in Nigeria:

1. On Quds Day, July 25, 2014, the Nigerian army opened fire on a procession, hunting down IMN members, including 3 sons of Zakzaky. 35 were killed


I do not know of any religious group as organised as the IMN who would not burn a city if you killed three of their leader’s sons and 32 other members in cold blood.
Zakzaky released a statement saying he would not retaliate but follow legal channels to demand justice.
2. Following that unresolved massacre the Nigerian army again opened fire on marching Shiites for alleged disrespect on December 12, 2015, laying siege to their place of worship and over 24-48 hours slaughtering and burying 348 men women and children. Including this family
3. In that massacre, more sons of Zakzaky were killed. Most of the buildings, including homes belonging to the movement and leader were bulldozed without a court order or any legal process. The IMN had not killed a single human being before this. Not burnt down a church. Nothing.
I want to ask. And I want you to ask yourself. If you had killed 5 sons of Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, for example, would there be any peace in Nigeria today? Just wondering. If you had killed 5 of Gumi’s sons? Could you even do it? I will quote Dahiru Bauchi next…
4. After the 2015 Shiite massacre, Dahiru Bauchi warned that his Tijaniyya group would not take any such violence. He warned about anyone trying to attack them like people attacked and killed Shiites: “Taba ‘yan Dariqa a kasan nan ai gara taba lantarki.”
Rough translation: It is better to touch naked electricity than to touch the Tijanniya in Nigeria.

Ps. Dahiru blamed El-Rufai and the Izala group for colluding to harass and hunt down and kill IMN members. His words, not mine.

In that same speech/interview Dahiru Bauchi said a few wise things.

He said: “Mu ne ‘yan kasa. Gwamnatoci baki ne. Shekara hudu ake basu. Sai sun yi sa’a ne suke yi tazarce…”
It is we who are citizens. Government is a guest (temporary). Summary: governments will come and go

Also his words: “Da mu da ‘yan Shia, ba su tsokanan mu ba mu tsokanan su.”

Why am I tweeting this?

Simple. Before you say the Shiites are protesting ask yourself if you would do the same if so many of your brothers were shot dead. Especially you who wants to protest over DSTV


DSTV increased tariffs in Nigeria and these same pseudo middle class hypocrites wanted to go to the streets to protest. How dare DSTV threaten your football and Big Brother Nigeria viewing. But people who have lost hundreds to government bullets are “headstrong” and “stubborn”.
The IMN/Shiites have been protesting peacefully for years. In fact they are THE Nigerian standard for peaceful protests, especially for a group that has been massacred so often. How many groups who have been shot at, slaughtered, buried can show such forbearance? How many?
Also, I see some idiots coming here to tell me I don’t know Zaria. I was in Zaria between 2001 and 2007 and at least three times a week for many years, walked around Zakzaky’s house in Gyallesu. My house was just behind Kongo Campus five minutes walk away. So yeah, I am fine.

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3 Thoughts to “Activist Elnathan Takes To Twitter In Defense Of Calmest Organized Group In Nigeria”

  1. Musa Shu'aibu Usman

    We are hereby announcing that we will never stop our religion base on our perception. We are nigerians and we too have the same rights that every nigerian has. You have the weapons and you can kill, but mind you time will come and you will be running leaving your weapons. And finally to Zionist Buhari you must free our leader unconditionally.

  2. Fauziya Tauheed

    Its only in far North buhari will kill hundreds of unarmed civilians and meet silence from people because of the ignorance that exist within the locality.

    Buhari can not do that in Abuja. In Abuja there are wise men.

    Beside this, i still advise our brothers to maintain peace, desist from trowing stones and using of sticks.

    Already, they are winning the heart of Abuja citizens because of the way they handle their possession.

    They should not change their style. Allah is watching and victory is near bi haqiz zahra.

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