Islamic Movement Accuses Nigeria Police Of Attacking Protesting Members Pts 1-4 | Sunrise Daily |” on YouTube

The Chairman of the Free Zakzaky Campaign Committee, Sheikh Abdulrahman Abubakar Yola was a guest at the Sunrise Daily television program of Channels TV, discussing recent developments in Abuja as members of the Islamic Movement campaign for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky. Happy viewing: Advertisements

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National Disgrace: Police Forcibly Deprive Thousands Of Rights But Couldn’t Stop Handful Thugs Stealing Mace

What a week in Nigeria! In one swoop, we saw the Nigerian security apparatus demonstrating to all to see that their strength is only against the weak, unarmed citizens demanding that the government obeys its own laws, while the same security apparatus couldn’t help stop a handful of thugs storming the National Assembly to “steal” the mace, their symbol of authority. The security were there in their multitudes, battle ready to stop thousands of unarmed civilians delivering a petition to the same lawmakers, but were nowhere close to stop less…

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Free Zakzaky protests Held In Abuja Today Peacefully

From start to finish of today’s free Zakzaky protests in Abuja, it was devoid of the police brutality that characterized the recent few days, when police attacked the perfectly peaceful moment in attempt at blackmailing the Movement. This was yet another proof that the police has been the one responsible in turning a previously peaceful protest that had held daily consecutively for months in Abuja into violent action so as to blackmail the Movement. True to type, the police arrived after the procession had ended and started harassing members of…

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