Free Zakzaky Processions Sweep Across Northern Nigeria

From Adamawa to Zamfara, thousands of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and their sympathizers held massive Free Zakzaky processions today Saturday 28/04/18, to further call for the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky.

This unanimous action simultaneously taken across the Northern region comes at a time the government is shifting its position towards a more brutal clampdown on the Movement as the Saudi Crown Prince’s confessional interview that they were behind the heinous crimes against humanity caught them pants down.

With that they hope they will be able to deflect the mounting public pressure and an increasing scrutiny by the International Criminal Court (ICC) with new facts emerging to support massive extra judicial killings of hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement.

Last week, the government was singing discordant tones when on one hand the Minister of Interior, Danbazau said they were negotiating with the Movement, but on the other hand, the same government secretly filed charges against the Sheikh, his wife and two others in the High Court of Kaduna state including that of alleged culpable homicide.

Meanwhile, members of the Islamic Movement, speaking to Voice of America (VOA), have vowed to even step up the tempo of Free Zakzaky campaign activities.

Today’s wide protests attest to that strong position. Today’s processions ended peacefully everywhere.

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