Charging Me For Culpable Homicide Is Yet Another Blunder By The Govt – Sheikh Zakzaky

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has described the recent filing of charges against him, including that of alleged culpable homicide, as yet another blunder by the government.

He was reacting to the news that the Kaduna state government has filed an 8-count charge against him and three others before the High court of Kaduna state.

“The first blunder by the government was when they fired the first shot during the massacre.” He said.

“Now another blunder is to charge me to court after they informed the world that I committed no crime but they were keeping me for my protection.” He said of this chain of blunders, “two wrongs never make a right,” projecting that they would never ever get it right with series of errors in their manner of approach.

The government had insisted before the federal high court that he was being kept in “protective custody.” In their defense of the detention, they consistently told the court, and the public as well, that Sheikh Zakzaky committed no crime but was being kept for his own protection.

“When the court ruled that our detention is unlawful and that we should be released unconditionally, two years and four months later without obeying that judgement, in the end of the day, they charge us to court.”

“They suddenly realize after two years and four months that, we have committed murder! Such a disgrace!”

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