El-rufai’s Agent Attempts To Forcibly Serve Court Summon On Sheikh Zakzaky

The peak of impunity as the Kaduna State government’s court registrar attempts to serve court summon on Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in custody of the DSS.

The Sheikh refused to be served and insisted that they should use the army and serve it as they used them to murderously arrest him.

As usual, the authorities holding the Sheikh, used a combination of lies and deception to get the listening ears of the Sheikh.

He was told that some lawyers from Kaduna had come to visit him and there was the need to go and meet with them. Sheikh Zakzaky however said he would not go anywhere because of his ailing condition.

When the so-called lawyers came however, it turned out that it was only one person and it was the Registrar of the court where last couple of days ago, Elrufai charged the Sheikh and 3 others for culpable homicide and other sundry alleged offences. He came with a court summon.

The Sheikh however declined accepting the summon. The Registrar had to leave with the summon not delivered.

More details to follow later.


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