Gov El-Rufai Of Kaduna State Meets With Federal Security Chiefs; What’s Cooking?

Just as the Nigerian security forces (DSS, army and police in particular), the Federal and Kaduna state governments battle to cover their tracks in their respective ignominious roles in the Saudi-sponsored horrendous Zaria massacre, Kaduna state governor, Nasiru El-rufai yesterday met with some security chiefs.

It was not yet clear what was on the agenda, but these type of meetings had followed the December 2015 massacre and it was centered on how to cover up their wicked atrocities and indeed perpetuate same. Then the blood of the innocent souls they killed hung over their heads.

This time, the spectre of a revealing exposé that the Zaria massacre was in fact a proxy war, backed by Saudi Arabia, hangs over the horizons. And they scamper for cover as they plot to innovate ways to divert attention from this shameful and disgraceful acts.

Governor El-rufai of Kaduna state poses with security chiefs as they innovate ways to cover their tracks in the ignominious Zaria massacre by perpetuating the violence to divert public attention

Whatever their plots and schemes against the Islamic Movement and its leadership, the world is watching, and above all God is watching. There is no hiding place for anyone, government or individuals that committed the worst forms of crimes against humanity ever recorded in Nigeria.


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  1. Saminu Muhammad

    Fa yamkurouna wa yamkurullah

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