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My Bleeding Body Was Dragged Over Corpses Of My Sons – Sheikh Zakzaky Gives A Chilling Account

In a chilling recount of what happened during the Saudi-sponsored Zaria massacre executed by the Nigerian army in December 2015, Sheikh Zakzaky has revealed how his bleeding body was dragged over the corpses of his killed sons.

“We were brutally attacked. They opened fire on us, shot us with guns, killing over a thousand including my sons. I was also shot with my wife,” the Sheikh narrated.

Explaining further, “I was dragged over the corpses of my sons,” Sheikh said. “We were then brought here and detained. Our bodies were sore all over, riddled with bullets,” he said.

He was speaking to the court Registrar who came to issue a court summon to him and his wife, Malama Zeenatudeen in their DSS custody location in Abuja this mid-week.

He declined accepting any court summon, insisting that when he went to court earlier and obtained judgement, the government has not obeyed the judgement.

Sheikh Zakzaky described as illogical attempts at charging him to court even as the court had ordered for his unconditional release over a year ago, without the government complying with that judgment.

Listen here:

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