Deaf, Dumb President: How Did We Descend This Low!

It just gets worse by the day. If you ask him of the name of his party, he gets it wrong. Ask him the name of the person who deputizes for him, he gets it wrong. Ask of the full meaning of the electoral body, again it is wrong. He called Germany by Western Germany and its Chancellor as President!

Now, this shame of a President. Asked about inclusive development, he needed interpretation. Even with that, he goes wide off the mark by a wide margin!

Now you will understand the picture below:

President Trump gets closer to the ears of a deaf President to point out to the dumb President the dotted lines for him to sign, as he laughs in disbelief. “How about this deaf and dumb as a President!”

Unbelievable! Nigeria is finished with a deaf and dumb Buhari as president.

Contributed by Danjuma Sarki


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