Welcome To Nigeria, A Tourists Distraction Site And A Terrorists Attraction Site

The crime of the shiites is that they blocked the road when an army chief was passing. Very bad , but in sane societies, it’s a traffic offense.

Then the army sends troops and by governments own admission, 347 people were killed as a retaliation to this traffic offense. Yes 347 human beings . In a terrible society, that’s even too much punishment.

But Nigeria is not just a terrible society so they won’t stop there . They detain the man indefinitely and unlawfully despite several court rulings. Ok that would have been the punishment in a very horrible society , but Nigerian isn’t just a very horrible society only .

So they upped the ante and charged the man whose family members and supporters were killed, with murder .

If this story doesn’t make you feel like puking , then your humanity should be challenged.

This piece was Culled from the page ‘Scan News’ written by Ken Agala

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