Buhari Govt Frames Islamic Movt Again, Tinkers Election Shift

The Buhari-led APC government appears to want to use Islamic Movement as an excuse to scuttle the forthcoming general elections and by extension elongate its tenure in office.

Feelers from this appeared when a secret intelligence report doctored by the security forces was recently exposed alleging that Islamic Movement was raising a squad to violently disrupt the 2019 elections.

The two-edged plot would see that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is framed up and projected as violent group, out to violently disrupt the 2019 elections. This will justify yet another escalation of violent clampdown on the Movement, and after some series of false flag operations in its name, the government will declare the horizons generally unsafe to conduct the elections, effectively elongating its tenure.

What these fake intelligence reports fail to realize is that the Islamic Movement has sufficiently shown its peaceful disposition, when despite a horrendous clampdown in which well over a thousand of its members were killed, it doggedly clings to nonviolent means to campaign for Justice.

Disrupting elections is not in anyway among the Movement’s modus operandi or objectives. The Movement is also not the type to engage in vain tasks.

Such unintelligent “intelligence” is therefore only a warped imagination of its daft authors.


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