How I Was Led To Become Shi’ite Muslim – Igbo Member Of The Islamic Movement Reveals

A very prominent member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, under the distinguished leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, Haruna Normal Nwaeze of the Igbo Community of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, writes on his journey to Shi’ah Islam and the Islamic Movement:

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Haruna Normal Nwaeze { Igbo community of Islamic Movement In Nigeria under sheikh Zakzaky}

It all began 5 years ago after my conversion to ISLAM from CHRISTIANITY, during my Qur’anic memorization in the hands of my respected Sunni scholars at Owerri central Mosque in Imo State.

Instead of giving me the necessary Islamic knowledge, they (My scholars) were busy feeding me with Shiites Rhetorics which didn’t go down well in my mind. I was fed with lots of horrible things about Shi’ite Muslims, such as…

* Shi’ites are not Muslims

* Shi’ites don’t believe in Muhammad as the Prophet rather Ali..

* Shi’ites worship their Imams and not Allah.

* Shi’ites have a separate Quran

* Shi’ites don’t go for Hajj.

* Shi’ites don’t pray 5 times

* Shi’a Islam was formed by a Jew to destroy the original Islam

* I became skeptical when I was told that killing Shi’ite Muslims or oppressing them is among rewardable deeds in Islam [ Ya Allah May you protect the Shi’ite Muslims worldwide]

All these are just but few of what my Sunni scholars and fellow students were telling me without any practical evidences in reference to these Rhetoric and unfounded allegations. All these motivated me to venture into personal research and developed direct contact with Shi’ite scholars in other to find out the reality. At the end I found out that all I was told by my scholars are nothing but lies, propaganda, deception and untruthful….{ May Allah guide the Muslims who are seeking after truth}

On my journey of research and truth finding, I came across authentic books about the Shi’ites —- such as:





I also went further to ask several questions concerning Muslims and Islam. Some of my questions were;

Are boko haram Shi’ites? The answer is Capital NO, they are Sunnis.

Are the ISIS Shi’ites, the answer is No but Sunni.

Is al-Qaeda Shi’ites No but Sunni.

Is Taliban Shi’ites the answer is still No but Sunni.

Is Osama bin laden a Shi’ite Muslim the answer is still No rather he is a Sunni Scholar.

How many times is suicide bombing traceable to Shiite? No record all over the world.

Coming to the North here in Nigeria, the Almajiris have become a big threat to national security and a shame to Islam in general, I ask are those kids Shi’ites the answer is Capital No rather Sunni.

Fulani militia are they Shi’ites? The answer is No, rather Sunni.

I visited prisons across the North to find out how many Shi’ites have committed criminal cases like armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, drug case, etc. To my surprise, no single Shi’ite Muslims are detained or in prison over such criminal acts. Rather, all the prisoners are Sunnis. Even their scholars are part of such crimes like rape, child abuse, drug and some murder. [Spare your time to visit any prison in the North to confirm whether or not what I am saying is the truth].

When I also try to find out why Shi’ites are hated by their fellow Muslims? They say they refused to recognize the government. The question is, how? That they blocked the road during their processions. But in Nigeria, people block roads for carnival, they block roads for festivals, they block roads for prayer, they block roads for burial ceremonies, they block roads even for weddings, so why is that by Shi’ites any different?

Please can someone enlighten me more with convincing evidence on why I shouldn’t be a SHI’ITE MUSLIM, not just a Shi’ite, but a follower of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky?

Thanks to Allah for His infinite Mercies, who guided His slave to the path of Truth, love and gate way to Jannah.

Ya Allah, as You guided me to know this path, I pray You also guide others who are ignorant of this truth.



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