Disappearance Of Saudi Crown Prince Linked To ‘Verbal Diarrhea’, As CIA/Mossad Are Fingered

Some security experts have fingered the CIA and Mossad as jointly responsible for the sudden disappearance from public sphere of the hyperactive and garrulous Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman (MbS) over some utterances considered to be of some serious security implications in both Washington and Tel Aviv, including possibly his disclosures of Saudi role in Zaria massacres.

MbS has been missing from public glare since April 21, following what is said to be a “shooting incident” near the royal palaces in Riyadh. Some reports from intelligence sources in the middle east suggested that he might have been assassinated or at best injured in the incident.

Most of the intelligence sources however didn’t state who was responsible for the shooting or what led to the incident. But an unnamed source fingered the American and Israeli intelligence services as being directly responsible and it might not be unconnected with certain of his recent utterances and outburst, which is deemed revealing too much to pose a security risk to US and Israeli interests.

“At least two bullets have hit bin Salman in April 21 clashes in Riyadh and it is even possible that he is dead,” according to one editorial published on one of the mideast papers on Thursday quoting intelligence sources.

The latest developments came after some flamboyant outings and media hype by the Crown Prince, including a March visit to the USA and a Time magazine interview, where he was said to have made far sweeping statements with far reaching implications, including the role of Saudi Arabia in the brutal attacks that sought to put out the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, thought to be a strategic Iranian influence in Africa. Only a few weeks ago, the Israeli ambassador to Egypt, in an event in Cairo, described the Saudi Crown Prince as an important Israeli ally.

Only a few weeks ago, the Israeli ambassador to Egypt, in an event in Cairo, described the Saudi Crown Prince as an important Israeli ally.

However, the 32-year-old heir to the Saudi throne, known to be highly active on the political scene, might have touched a raw nerve of the Israeli security sufficient to warrant taking out such an important


Some analysts believe that it was perhaps time to neutralize a front who knows too much and talks even much more and wields such enormous powers than Washington and Tel Aviv were comfortable with.

First foreign trip of the newly-appointed US Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo,

as the top US diplomat

, was to Riyadh, barely a week after the Crown Prince was suspected to have been killed in the shooting incident.

The Nigerian President was also summoned to Washington for “talks” with the American President at about the time the lid was blown on the Zaria genocide and the Buhari government moved to charge the leader of the Islamic Movement to court in an attempt to divert attention from the main issues at stake, according to some diplomatic sources.

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