Three Years On: Buhari Has Failed Is The Unanimous Judgement

The general opinion across board is that Buhari is incompetent and clueless about how to properly guide this nation out of its numerous troubles.

Others opined that Buhari has lost his integrity, while others hold the opinion that he has squandered the enormous goodwill that brought him to power with a landslide.

The man who assured us he will not visit foreign hospitals before his election but spent over a sixth of his tenure in a foreign hospital cannot be a man of integrity.

A man who maintained an attitude of silence when Nigerians were being killed again and again while commisirating with leaders of foreign countries in respect of their citizens being killed is not a man of integrity.

A man who promised to cut the price of fuel by over 70% while campaigning for our votes but did a complete about face and increased the price by over 70% is not a man of integrity.

A man who has refused to decisively address the killing of Nigerians accross the country from Zamfara to Benue, Kaduna, Kogi et al is not a competent president.

A man who criticised his predecessor for buying a fleet of planes while promising to convert the planes to a national carrier but developed amnesia over the matter once he became president is not a man of integrity.

A man who refuses to obey court orders but carries on as though he and his government are above the law is not a man of integrity.

A man who has spent over 3 years in office doing nothing but complain about his predecessors is clearly an incompetent president.

Below is a cross section of varied opinion on Buhari administration:

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