Behold King Buhari – The President With The Sadim Touch

As Muhammadu Buhari enters his last year as Nigeria’s President, he portrays a picture of a king with the Sadim Touch.

A story is told of an old King Sadim, who everything he touches turns to sh*t! Very much unlike Midas, who was granted the “Golden Touch” from the god Dionysus. King Sadim, was given the sh*tty touch. Everything he touched turned to sh*t. Bad for everybody around him.

Well Nigerian President, Buhari has a ‘touch’ of his own. It isn’t any different from that of King Sadim – the “Sadim Touch”. Everything he touches turns to… You get the picture. Ever since he drank the blood of over a thousand innocent souls, things began to turn for the worse for the president. It never gets better.

Behold King Buhari – The President with the Sadim Touch

Very similar to King Sadim, who was a an old poor cobbler, but was enthroned the new king of Mygdonia unexpectedly and found himself move into the great palace which stood in the centre of the city, and hehad everything! Buhari came in with a popularity rating almost never seen before since Abiola’s botched election. Of course, with it was very high expectation. This was compounded by very many promises.

Of course, we should have known it better. He has a Sadim touch. We should have seen the early warning signs, that an empty head complicated by senility is no head at all. He didn’t know the meaning of the very party he is running under. He didn’t know the name of his running mate. Neither did he know the regulatory electoral body. It couldn’t have been worse.

As President, it even got worse. And Nigeria has suffered from it. He promised to end Boko Haram. It got nastier instead. We still have Boko Haram and several other more deadly groups; Nigerian army, Nigerian police, Herdsmen, kidnappers and the rest. Before Buhari, it was retricted to North Eastern region of Nigeria. The Sadin touch of Buhari has ensured that it has consumed the whole of the North (North-West and North-central in addition).

Nigeria now ranks as the topmost most deadly country that is not at war! Over a thousand souls of Nigerian citizens were murdered extra-judicially within two days in Zaria, then burnt and dumped in mass grave by Nigerian soldiers. No group, even the dreaded Boko Haram, were that ruthless. Before the man with the Sadim touch, it was isolated cases of ocassional bomb blasts. Too bad enough. Presently, it is widespread mass murder of communities across the land. No signs of respite.

Truly, the blood-letting under King Buhari, with the Sadim touch is only matched by the war-time deaths and destruction of the Nigerian civil war of late 60s, of which the Sadim touch of Buhari again was at play. (Ask OBJ).


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