No Case Submission: Kaduna High Court Adjourns Sitting In Case Of Culpable Homicide Against Members Of Islamic Movement

The case against members of the Islamic Movement who were being charged at the Kaduna State High Court for an alleged culpable homicide of one Dan Kaduna on 12th December, 2015 was again adjourned to 20th June, 2018 for the defence to deliver its “No case Submission” address.

When the matter came up today, the prosecution pleaded for two more weeks to reply the no case submission filed by the defence lawyers, having gone through over seventy witnesses and equal number of exhibits presented by the prosecution in the case.

“We are unable to file our reply because the Ministry of Justice was bereaved,” Bayero Dari, the Kaduna State Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) told the court, presided by Justice Nyoms. He said that they have almost completed the process of filing a reply to the no case submission. He conceded that they were already one week out of the time initially granted to them by the court to do so, but still needed additional two weeks.

Barrister Maxwell Kyon, the lead for the defense, said he was not opposed to the extension of the time or the duration requested by the prosecution, but he would rather the court start counting the two weeks from the time initially granted by the court for them to do so elapsed. That would mean they have already spent one week of the two weeks grace.

However, The Judge allowed them the complete two weeks within which to file their response, with a “very stern warning” that the court would further not take excuses from the prosecution.

The case was subsequently adjourned till 20th June, 2018 for the written addresses on the no case submission.

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