Ganduje, Defence Minister Get Recognition In Saudi Arabia For Killing Own Citizens

For their various roles in the infamous Zaria genocide of December 2015 and its aftermath, which was bankrolled by the Saudi Arabian government, the Kano State governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umaru Ganduje and the Minister of Defence, retired Brigadier General Mansur Dan-Ali have recently received their share of recognition from the Saudi authorities.

Gov Ganduje is one of the foremost stooges that killed hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Kano as part of the ongoing brutal attempt to exterminate Shi’a in Nigeria. Ganduje’s contribution in this evil scheme in Kano especially during the solemn religious rites of Arbaeen symbolic trek for two successive years has been substantial enough to be noticed by the Saudi monarchy.

Last year July, Ganduje and Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi II commissioned a Jumaat Mosque, constructed with the supervision of Saudi Consulate in Kano.

The governor, who publicly told some Saudi brand clerics sometimes back that he gave the orders for the Arba’een attack, has frequently visited the Saudi Kingdom.

His efforts have now been acknowledged with an invitation by the Saudi monarch to visit a textile company that designs the fabric used to cover the Holy Ka’aba.

For the Minister of Defence, he is reputed to be the linkman between President Buhari and the Saudi Crown Prince. It was officers from the ministry he oversees that played key roles in the massacre, as he in turn gives them cover and recommended them for promotion.

When the issue of the controversial Saudi military alliance came up, he was expected to play some role. Only in March this year, Saudi Arabia had announced the donation of $10 million purportedly to aid the fight against the insurgency in Nigeria, in what observers believe was a further payment for a renewed clampdown on the campaign to free Sheikh Zakzaky that so much irritated the Buhari government.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Defence Ministry, Nasir Mutbak with Nigeria’s defence minister in Abuja, March 2018.

The Minister’s main mission in the Kingdom, covered as a lesser pilgrimage, was to meet with top Saudi authorities for talks on what next on their joint fight against Shiites in Nigeria that appears to be losing steam lately even among their most vehement supporters and to thank them for their assistance all the way since 2015.
Mansur Dan-Ali was therefore accorded recognition with top-level tight security everywhere within the kingdom, including within the divine safe sanctuary of the precinct of Ka’abah.

It will be recalled that the Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman recently spilled the beans about the Saudi complicity in the Zaria genocide when he revealed that it was a proxy war for Saudi Arabia executed by President Buhari.

Soon after the Zaria attacks, President Buhari paid a visit to the kingdom, along with some prominent Wahabi clerics and traditional rulers who had spoken in support of the massacre, where the gate of Ka’aba was opened for them as a mark of appreciation for their cooperation in the plot.

It was also during that foreign visit that Buhari truly revealed the real reason for the massacre of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria during the Qatar arm of the visit. Prior to that time he had feigned ignorant of details of the Zaria incident, insisting that he had not being “briefed.”


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