Kaduna State Police Attacked Us Yet Again, Then Mischievously Lied Against Us –       Islamic Movement in Nigeria

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has refuted Kaduna State Police
Command claims that its members attacked it with weapons during their
peaceful protest demanding the release of Sheikh Zakzaky in Kaduna

In a press statement signed by the President of the Media Forum of
IMN, Ibrahim Musa, it said, “Ordinarily we would not have joined
issues with Kaduna State Police Command, because it is general
knowledge that Nigerian Police Force is synonymous with brutality and
concoction of lies. Nevertheless, because of the weight of its
barefaced lies against the Islamic Movement yesterday in a Press
Release signed by its Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), it is
expedient to set the records straight, thus silence is not just an
option for us.

“Following a brutal unjustified attack on a peaceful Free Zakzaky
procession using live ammunition in Kaduna yesterday, the PPRO
hurriedly crafted a mischievous press statement to cover its shame. In
the said release, he alleged that members of the Islamic Movement were
armed with guns, knives as well as IEDs and that we injured Police
Officers and disturbed public peace. This is far from the truth and we
categorically deny these wild and spurious allegations.

Ever since the brutal clampdown on the Islamic Movement by this regime
in December of 2015 in Zaria to date, we have conducted several
protests rightly demanding for the release of our leader in Kaduna as
in other places. Even two days earlier than this, there was one such
protest that ended peacefully and members of the public can bear
witness to the fact that our protests have been peaceful. In fact
majority of them have gone unnoticed and unreported by the press
simply because the Police did not choose to fire at the protesters.
Thus, why would yesterday’s protest be different?

The statement goes on to describe what actually happened, “When
yesterday’s procession started in the heart of Kaduna, as it often
does, commercial activities were continued without any panic because
residents know very well that the Islamic Movement processions are
always peaceful. However, it was the arrival of the police that
stirred panic and pandemonium when they fired tear gas and live
bullets in their attempts at dispersing a peaceful procession. As at
the time of writing this press release, not fewer than forty people
sustained various degrees of injury including gunshots wounds.”

The Islamic Movement then castigated the police for arresting pressmen
covering their protests, “The Kaduna State PPRO should remember that
all these were done in broad daylight to the glare of all. Had members
of the Islamic Movement carried arms, journalists would not have
followed the procession for coverage. How would the Police Command
explain the shameful and unwarranted arrests of several innocent
pressmen? Were they carrying arms as well? This is a further proof
that goes to establish what the public believe that the police are not
trustworthy of anything.

“We will like to also remind the Police that the Islamic Movement is
not an organization that can be banned by fiat, because we are
exemplifying Islamic teachings in our day to day life. We are not the
criminals that the Police want the public to believe, we are
practicing Muslims. Our only crime before the vicious Kaduna state
government and its supporters is that we demand justice to our
incarcerated leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife and the
hundreds under illegal detention for almost three years. On these we
will not relent on our efforts until the killers of the at least 347
members of the Islamic Movement admitted by the state government to
having buried them in a mass grave are brought to book.”

It further reiterated its determination to continue with its peaceful
protests, “We will like to assure the general public that we are the
same people that have been living with them peacefully for the past
four decades. They have nothing to fear during our peaceful marches as
they will remain as such. Police brutality and killings will not stop
us from demanding for our rights.


Skype: ibrahim.musa42
Attached are some pictures of those injured by the Police yesterday.

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