Fundamental Rights Case: FHC Kaduna Adjourns For The Umpteenth Time, As Police Demonstrated Abuses

Yesterday Thursday the 21st of June, 2018 will remain a landmark day in the history of subterfuge and rights abuses in Kaduna, as the Federal High Court in Kaduna for the umpteenth time adjourned sitting in the case brought before it seeking the enforcement of the fundamental rights of members of the Islamic Movement over technical issues, even as the police demonstrated worst practices in rights abuses.

The case had dragged on for over six months without definite hearing of the substantive suit on its merit, as counsels to the DSS dragged their feet over some flimsy technical issues, seeking to kill the case before it is even heard.

As a result, the case was once again adjourned to 4th July, 2018 for continuation at a time when the Police in Kaduna perfected ways to turn the tables against members of the Islamic Movement in Kaduna.

As the case was being debated in court yesterday, the police was unleashing terror on the public for the second day running in order to discredit the Islamic Movement, who had embarked on peaceful procession, as they have done all along since the Zaria massacre of 2015.

The Kaduna Police Public Relations Officer had the previous day, given a taste of what was to follow, when the police attacked and even arrested some journalists covering the peaceful procession by the Islamic Movement. He was quoted as saying, “the bigger war will be tomorrow. Even me will take my AK47 and go out.”

Again, many senior police officers were seen meeting with some thugs and those they call civilian JTF the day before yesterday at the Kinkinau quarters of Kaduna GRA, where they plotted on how to maximally unleash terror on members of the public when members of the Islamic Movement are doing their usual procession, so that it will be assumed that it was them who were violent.

To maximally provoke anger at members of the Movement, they circulated some video clips as they unjustifiably hacked a policeman to death, and said it was the members of the Movement who did it.


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