Police, Thugs Plan House-To-House Attacks On Members Of The Islamic Movement In Kaduna

Reports reaching us indicate that the Police, in an unholy alliance with thugs called Civilian JTF, have planned a house-to-house attacks on certain targeted members of the Islamic Movement living in Kaduna from today.

This was part of the evil plots secretly done by the evil axis in an attempt at exterminating the Islamic Movement in the state.

According to our sources, the police had assured the thugs of state backing and cover. “Nothing will happen to you,” they were told.

The source further said the police told the thugs that it was a waste of time charging members of the Movement to court, because “eventually they get set free.”

Yesterday, thugs had callously and unjustifiably killed a policeman as the Islamic Movement conducted a free Zakzaky procession in Kaduna as the police shot at the peaceful protestors, so as to make it look as if it was a violent procession in order to discredit the Movement and turn public opinion against the Movement.

A statement of strong refutal carried on the Movement’s twitter handle @ZakzakySupport stated that: “The murder was carried out to coincide with when we conduct our free Zakzaky protest, so as to discredit us and turn the tables against us.”

A day earlier, some Senior Police officers had met thugs they call civilian JTF at a place called Kinkinau quarters of Kaduna GRA and plotted the callous violent murder to be carried out and the video clip released on social media sites for maximal effect.

Also speaking with some reporters in his office “off camera”, the Kaduna PPRO had a day earlier alluded to what was to come the following day, when he told them, ” there will be war with Shiites tomorrow. I will personally take my AK47 and go out tomorrow. ”

The Islamic Movement had described what happened as the “greatest subterfuge of all times,” strongly distancing its members from the crude act. “It was NOT by members of the Islamic Movement,” they insisted.


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