What’s Cooking? As Saudi Backed Wahabi Clerics Promoting Saudi Sponsored Fight Against Islamic Movt Visit Buhari

It was not clear what would be cooking at the moment as well known Saudi backed Wahabi clerics known to be behind the infamous Zaria massacre, which the Saudi dynasty recently confessed to have sponsored, visited President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso rock.

Previous similar visits had heralded vicious attacks on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

At the peak of the Zaria pogrom in December 2015, these clerics were the most outspoken in not only supporting the heinous crimes against humanity, but in fact justifying same.

Soon after that, they assembled in Mecca along with Buhari, where they celebrated their “success” in fighting the Movement.

That was followed by a jamboree of visiting Saudi clerics in Abuja, after visiting President Buhari in Aso rock.

The most recent of such visit to Buhari and subsequently the police IG, resulted in the most viscous attacks on members of the Islamic Movement in Abuja, resulting in the deaths of several members.

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