Global Protests Planned To Mark A Thousand Days Of Unlawful Detention Of Zakzaky

The Global Free Zakzaky Community has planned an unprecedented global protest to mark a thousand days of the unlawful detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky to be held between 7th and 9th September, 2018. Sheikh Zakzaky was shot, tortured and humiliated before he was flung into detention, which a Federal High Court in Abuja, then presided by Hon. Justice Gabriel Kolawole, since ruled that it was unlawful and unconstitutional and therefore ordered for his unconditional release. The Federal Government has disobeyed this judgement and has continued to contemptuously hold him in incommunicado detention.

1000 Days

Among activities planned to be simultaneously carried out across all the continents of the World include:

  • Peaceful Demonstrations at public places, Mosques and Nigerian embassies worldwide
  • Public processions and Street action in all localities
  • Public video shows of atrocities in the last 1000 days
  • Press conferences and Media engagements
  • Mass letter writing campaigns
  • Various Social media campaigns – Twitter storms, webinars
  • Etcetera


  • Over 1000 of supporters killed
  • 457 members buried in mass graves
  • Three of his children killed in front of him
  • His elder sister was burned alive in front of him
  • His wife was severally shot before his eyes
  • His own body was riddled with multiple bullets
  • He was humiliatingly dragged into detention
  • He lost an eye in the gruesome attack and is at risk of losing the other
  • He suffered stroke while in detention & denied medical attention

Download the pdf file of the Campaign banner here 

Further information will be conveyed to the public in due course via our public outlets as usual on Website, Facebook Page, Twitter handle or email


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