All Is Set For This Year’s Ashura Mourning Procession Across The Country

All is set for this year’s solemn religious duty of Ashura mourning procession in various towns and cities across the country on Thursday.

The Ashura procession is held annually on the 10th of the first Islamic calendar month, Muharram, to commemorate the martyrdom of the third rightly guided Imam, Hussein (as), and scores of his companions who were mostly members of the Prophet’s family.

Ashura campaign has been happening in Nigeria since time immemorial in various forms. Most notable of which is the one marked by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, when mourners of Imam Hussein (as), the grandson of the Prophet (S), mostly clad in black, hold flags and banners to solemnly march in a funeral procession.


revious processions in the recent past has been characterized by state-sponsored terror attacks on mourners by the government, especially in Kaduna, Funtua and Jos leading to wanton loss of lives and properties.

Already, feelers from Kaduna indicate that there were plans in place for the government to use a combined forces of soldiers, police and thugs to violently seek to stop the religious obligation by mourners.


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