Nigerian Authorities Has Completely Failed To Address Zaria Massacre – Activist At The UN

Head of Advocacy Islamic Human Rights Commission, has seriously denounced the Nigerian authorities for their complete failure to address the matter of the horrendous Zaria genocide of December, 2015 while speaking on “Human Rights in Nigeria: The Case of Sheikh Zakzaky” on the sidelines of the 39th session of the United Nations on Tuesday.

He said there is a complete failure on the part of the Nigerian authorities to address or deal with what happened on December 12 to 14, 2015 and denounced the fact that Sheikh Zakzaky remains in prison with no serious charges leveled against him.
Choudhury said, they await the response of the ICC, with whom they had raised major issues over the grievous crimes and were hopeful that the ICC will say that the Nigerian Authorities response has not been good enough.
He talked about the attack of December 12 to 14, 2015, when the Nigerian Army killed more than 500 people as they visciously attacked a Hussainiya in Zaria, in the northern state of Kaduna, and arrested Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.
He also pointed out that the authorities had literally done nothing since the attack other than to escalate the attacks for nearly three years now down the line. According to him, they have barely acknowledged a number of people who have been killed, and noted that they are thousand, adding that the number is based on the number of people who have seen to be shot dead and those who are still missing.
“Up to a thousand people are missing and thought to be killed, the government has admitted to one mass graves, we know of few others or we suspect of few others where all of these people have been buried, and the government has not been acknowledging or dealing with any of these crimes.”
He stressed that there are no plans to exhume these mass graves, identify these individuals and give their families any sense of justice.
“There is no plans at the moment to take any of those responsible to court so there seems a complete failure on the part of the Nigerian authorities to address or deal with what happened over those three days, instead what we are saying is that Sheikh Zakzaky remains in prison, he is yet to be tried, they have dragged out the court process despite that there is no serious charges have been leveled.”


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