Voluntary Blood Donation: Bauchi Members Of Islamic Movement Join The Train

Dozens of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the auspices of the Academic Forum in Bauchi today joined the train of voluntary blood donation campaign currently sweeping across the country by the Islamic Movement in commemoration of the martyrdom of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S) in Karbala.

This round of donation took place at Kobi multipurpose ground, Bauchi where the mourning members patiently queued up to eagerly donate blood at a time they are mourning the epic massacre of members of the household of the Prophet (S) in Karbala, by the evil forces of Yazid, who mounted a blockade on his way to Kufa and also deprived them water and subsequently massacred the men and took women and children as captives in chains.

The leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Zakzaky has always emphasized the necessity of his followers to voluntarily donate blood to hospitals in order to assist patients who may be in dire need of transfusion so as to save lives.

The exercise in Bauchi, as in all other places thus far, ended in success as the hospital officials got more pints of blood donated than they had earlier bargained for. They thanked the members of the Islamic Movement for their humanitarian gesture.

The voluntary blood donation campaign exercise has also taken place in many other towns across Nigeria, even as authorities partner thugs to unjustifiably shed their own blood.

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