Government Backlash Against Ashura Mourners In Potiskum, Suleja, Anchau, Other Places

Following yesterday’s successful and peaceful Ashura mourning processions in more than 30 major cities and towns across the country, members of the Islamic Movement in diverse places of Potiskum, Suleja and Anchau faced government’s backlash today.

In Potiskum, Yobe state, battle-ready soldiers indiscriminately opened fire at the mourners towards the end of the procession, unprovoked and without warnings. In the process, they instantly killed a passer-by and wounded at least two others among the mourners.

In Suleja, a major satellite town of Abuja, the authorities acted through proxies, when they sent some thug to attack the solemn mourning procession, using knife and running over the mourners with car, thereby wounding many, especially women and children.

Fortunately, there was no reported deaths in Suleja.

In another town called Anchau in Northwest Nigeria, a combined team of policemen and Civil Defence men had gone to the Islamic Centre belonging to the Islamic Movement and ransacked the building, which also houses a school, looted valuables and torched books. Members of the Movement weren’t in the centre at the time, but eyewitnesses confirm those who were responsible for the arson.

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