Culpable Homicide Against Members Of Islamic Movt: Kaduna High Court Couldn’t Sit On Resumption From Vacation

The Kaduna state High Court, presided by Justice Hannatu Gwada could not sit today as earlier scheduled in continuation of hearing in the case of alleged culpable homicide against the remaining members of the Islamic Movement arrested since December 2015 in Zaria. The case was adjourned at the last sitting in the preceding legal year and was slated for continuation of hearing today on resumption from the court vacation for a new legal year, which incidentally also commenced today. Scores of members of the Islamic Movement arrested in Zaria since…

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Nigeria Ranked Fourth Among Countries With The Most People Being Violently Killed In The World

Nigeria has been ranked as fourth in the world with the most number of its citizens being violently killed according to a report by a US-based research center, Brookings Institute. Nigeria came only after war ravaged Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. Even worst is the fact that among countries that are not officially at war, Nigeria comes out tops of the list, with an estimated 20,497 of its citizens being put to violent death in the last five years alone. The report cited Nigeria among some war torn nations as Syria,…

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Video Ashura: A Comparative View Of Global Event

Many people think that ashura is just Nigerian shia affairs they don’t know it is a global issues that divides Muslims into two (1) those who care and mourn for hussain and prophets family (2) those who don’t care and feel comfortable with what happened, Accra, Ghana Chicago, USA Copenhagen, Denmark Michigan, USA Zurich, Switzerland Sydney, Australia African Country London, UK Instanbul, Turkey Toronto, Canada Nigeria

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