Nigeria Ranked Fourth Among Countries With The Most People Being Violently Killed In The World

Nigeria has been ranked as fourth in the world with the most number of its citizens being violently killed according to a report by a US-based research center, Brookings Institute. Nigeria came only after war ravaged Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Even worst is the fact that among countries that are not officially at war, Nigeria comes out tops of the list, with an estimated 20,497 of its citizens being put to violent death in the last five years alone.

The report cited Nigeria among some war torn nations as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen as being in the forefront with the most people meeting their violent end in the past five years.

Nigeria has had a fair share of such violent deaths attributed to terrorist groups such as Boko Haram and recently Fulani Herdsmen. Other conflicts of note are the cattle rustlers, herders-farmers, Niger Delta militants and sometimes unknown gunmen all being responsible for these violent deaths.

The report is significant, according to professor Audu Bulama Bukarti of Bayero University Kano, and a consultant at the Tony Blair Foundation Foundation in London. He told the BBC that the report will assist the United Nations in prioritizing its peace efforts aimed at saving lives.

Bukarti added that the Nigerian government itself should be interested in the findings since no responsible government would watch such violent wastage of the lives of its citizens. “It should help the government to devise ways to protect its citizens.”

Unfortunately, a large share of those figures met their violent end in the hands of government or its agencies. It will be recalled that in just one weekend alone, Nigerian government killed over a thousand members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Zaria in December 2015. The Kaduna state government later confessed to burying 347 of those in mass grave.

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