The Real Reasons Government Was Afraid To Present Sheikh Zakzaky In Court Today

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky was today not brought to the court as earlier scheduled, necessitating a further adjournment and delay in the court’s ruling on his bail application for another one month.

Despite the tight security mounted in most parts of Kaduna metropolis with its attendant public inconveniences, the prosecution told the court that they were unable to bring the Sheikh to court because they don’t have enough security personnel due to the expected visit of the Vice President to Kaduna.

It was however not clear why the judge did not give his ruling on the bail application since that doesn’t necessarily require presence of the Sheikh in court.

Consequently, the case was adjourned to the 7th of November, 2018.

It will be recalled that during the last court sitting too before the courts went on vacation, the Sheikh was not brought to court, and there were no explanations then. Yet the case went ahead with the adoption by counsels of their processes and addresses, which was why the court was to give its ruling today.

That left a lot of people speculating on the actual reasons behind this move by the government observed by many as mere delay tactics aimed at holding on to the Sheikh for much longer in illegal detention.

The government feared that the court could have granted the Sheikh and his wife bail today and that would again bring to the fore the government’s poor compliance to the rule of law. It was felt in some quarters that should the court grant the duo bail and the government fail to obey, it would seriously embarrass the government, especially in an election year.

Clearly it had nothing to do with having enough hands to secure the state. All the security measures they usually take on the days of the case was equally taken for today as well. Furthermore, if they wanted more hands they would have gotten from other states in the same way they deployed 40,000 police officers in the recently concluded Osun election.

“They wanted to buy more time and they have just done that,” according to a public affairs analyst.

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