The Face Of Corruption: Caught Red Handed Taking $5m bribe

This ugly face of corruption is no other than the ugly face of the Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, who was caught red-handed receiving $5 million bribe.

Reflection is not in any way surprised because the face is as ugly as his soul, and is one of the key murderers of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in his home state of Kano. By self confession, he was responsible for the death of scores of members of the Movement who were only exercising their religious obligation of Arbaeen trek for two successive years.

As it is now, the Nigerian security agencies are said to be currently analysing a number of video clips showing Ganduje receiving $5 million bribe as 15 to 25 percent kickbacks for every project executed in Kano state.

It remains to be seen how the self-styled Mr. Integrity and fellow murderer, the president would act on this face of shame in an election year.

The handling of previous corruption cases involving the President’s own right hand men were handled with levity and swept under the carpet.


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