I Have More Than 15 Video Clips Of Gov Ganduje Receiving Bribe – Journalist Jafar

The journalist that exposed the Kano state governor, Umar Ganduje receiving a bribe in a video clip, Jafar Jafar has said that he is in posession of more than 15 other clips that showed the fantastically corrupt governor collecting bribe from various contractors.

Speaking to the Hausa service of BBC, he said that he would make them public at the right time, “after I have ensured the safety of my family and myself.”

He outrightly dismissed the allegation that he was being motivated by some political gains to tarnish the image of the startled governor. He said that the video clip clearly showed the governor and what he was doing. “It is not a lie against the governor, it was him and it was not computer manipulation or cloning.” Adding that, “various experts have closely viewed the clip and carefully analyzed it and certified that it is Ganduje and there is no question as to what he was doing.”

The fantastically corrupt governor who styles himself as custodian of Islam

Jafar said that since releasing the initial video clip, he has received many threats to his life, which made him relocate and go into hiding. He, however, said that would not deter him as he would expose the governor, who prides himself as the “custodian of Islam.”

Meanwhile, the response of the governor was no more than mere denials and issuing of threats through his cronies.

It certainly is not easy to take on a corruption cartel. Ganduje should have resigned and faced the law, especially as a top member of the self-acclaimed righteous government filled with integrity to spare. But here we are in a country where fighting corruption is a mere campaign rhetoric.

This case will be the biggest litmus test of Buhari’s so-called anticorruption posture.

We world is keenly watching.


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