PMB Is More Than Clueless, Doesn’t Deserve Second Term – Prof Soyinka

The renowned Nigerian Novel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has come out to express his regrets at supporting President Muhammadu Buhari, whom he described as the most scandalous and direction less President that Nigeria ever had.

Soyinka: Regrets ever supporting the most scandalous and direction less Nigerian president ever

Prof Soyinka said supporting Buhari for a second term in office would be “unpardonable evil.”

According to the prof, president Buhari is more than clueless and certainly does not deserve a second term.

For the past few weeks, there have been a lot of high profile Nigerians who have come out to publicly oppose the second term bid of president Buhari.

One such persons was a former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who is not only opposing Buhari, but has publicly endorsed the opposition candidate, Atiku Abubakar, his former vice, with whom they never saw eye to eye before now.

Buhari’s popularity rating nosedived since the murderous attacks on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in which over a thousand innocent citizens were killed within one weekend alone and buried in mass graves.

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