The Crook In Kano Govt House Should Bow Out In Shame Before It’s Too Late

Since the release of the video clip that showed the embattled Kano state governor, Umaru Ganduje receiving bundles of dollar mints and greedily stacking them into his pockets, varied reactions greeted the release of the clip by Journalist Jaafar Jaafar. While Ganduje’s reaction was that of reluctant denial, Jaafar was definitive that he has all that is required to nail the crook governor. Some apologetics were still seeking excuses for Ganduje while others sought to cast doubts as to the authenticity of the clip even as some more are requesting that Ganduje bury his head in shame and resign.

The short Video Clip:

The dated video clip was without audio and didn’t show the face of the person giving the bribe. It, however, showed clearly Ganduje receiving bundles of US dollars and stuffing his large pockets with.

The doubters promptly questioned the authenticity of the video clip because its sound was substituted with a musical and the person giving was not obvious. Some said it was a cloned video. Others believed that although there was no question as to the fact that it was Ganduje in the clip, there was no evidence that it was bribe he was taking. Some concluded that Daily Nigerian failed to convince people with the ‘evidence’ it released.

Ganduje’s Reaction:

Expectedly, the reaction, when it came, was that of outright denials from the governor, speaking through a spokesman, saying that the state government is instituting a legal action against the online news portal as well as its publisher. It said the video footage was “cloned and doctored” to mischievously portray governor Gandule in an inappropriate conduct.

Jaafar Jaafar Responds:

The whistleblower, however, responded swiftly to these allegations. Replying to those asking for the audio/unedited part of the video recording, he said he deliberately replaced the audio to avoid putting the persons filming the clip in danger. He said that those interested could privately call him to hear the audio conversations.


Premium Times, another online news outlet claimed it has seen the unedited video clip with the audio. It wrote on its site that, “PREMIUM TIMES saw the version of the clip with audio on Sunday evening.
“I think you should collect this money before anyone walks in,” one of the contractors could be heard telling the governor. “I think you should put it on your body to conceal it with your babanriga.”
A brief laughter then erupted amongst them. The video was reportedly shot in one of the living rooms at the governor’s official residence in Kano, the state capital.
“MD will soon be back from Istanbul on Friday evening to give us the other allocations,” the contractor added after telling the governor he had concealed a total of $230,000 in his babanriga for the day’s transaction.
The governor and the contractors also discussed carrying state lawmakers along in the deal, especially on how cash and stalls would be shared to them in the deal for the construction of a market.”

It is these damning reports that inform others to categorically call for the governor to save himself from further shame and humiliation and resign.

Deja Vu:

Such vigorous denials by public servants and political office holders usually characterize these exposures. Farouk Lawal of the famous cash for clearance scandal in which oil industry interests allegedly gave bribes in dollars, pounds, and local currencies to the committee headed by him is a clear example. At the time, Lawal fought back, alleging a systematic attempt by interested parties to damage the credibility of the report produced by the Farouk Lawan led ad-hoc committee that investigated the implementation of the Federal Government subsidy regime, only to breakdown in shame.

It is on that basis that observers are calling on governor Ganduje to spare himself further shame by resigning.

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