Government Creates Groups To Fudge Islamic Movement

Several groups have been created by the Nigerian government and its various security agencies in a desperate attempt by the government to fudge or misrepresent the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Lately, they have become even more active in their renewed bid to completely obliterate the mention of the Islamic Movement.

They come by several names and employ many ways to achieve their devilish goals of painting the Islamic Movement black, destroying the high moral standard of the Movement, blackmailing prominent followers of Sheikh Zakzaky and frustrating the campaign to free the Sheikh including the legal battles in courts.

Other goals of these groups include painting the Islamic Movement as violent and wooing innocent members of the Movement and the public away from the Movement.

Reliable sources disclosed to us that the initial working of the government that majorly relied on infiltration of the Movement was not going as fast as they expected, hence the urgent need to take extra drastic moves that include the use of these groups and making them not only more active but more daring.

One such group they labeled as Islamic Movement of Nigeria, was coined to deceive unsuspecting members of the public into thinking it is the same with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, and perhaps the names could be used interchangeably. In that way, they would wreck havoc in the name of the created entity and attribute it to the other.

Other created groups would pretend to profess Shiism in such a way that would woo members of the Islamic Movement who are Shiites, with a view to attracting members away from the Sheikh Zakzaky-led Islamic Movement.

Unlike the hitherto modus operandi of these so-called Shi’ah groups of claiming to be the only practitioners of authentic Shi’ah or that the leadership of the Islamic Movement lacks elementary knowledge of Shi’ism, they now claim to be the Umbrella body of all Shi’ah practitioners in Nigeria.

The government has been openly campaigning for this group lately. Governor Nasiru Elrufai of Kaduna state was on local and national media outfits campaigning for these groups.

Prominent Shi’ah cleric’s romance with security agencies murdering members of the Islamic Movement is not in doubt
In fact, this newly created umbrella body claims to have the blessings of Sheikh Zakzaky, who according to their claims, appointed two prominent members of the Movement to represent him. However, when contacted, one of the alleged representative of the Sheikh vehemently denied any knowledge of the group or his supposed appointment by the Sheikh to represent him in any such group. The other name given by the group is that of a late member of the Movement, who was a committed member of the Movement and was never ever heard by very close associates talking of such group or any alleged responsibility given to him.

A prominent Shi’ah Cleric visited the Vice President recently
Yet another group seeks to infiltrate the membership of the Movement and even pretend to be deeply concerned with the persecution of the members of the Movement. In fact, some even pretend to be in the forefront of the struggle to set Sheikh Zakzaky free. These adjust or manipulate (facts or figures) so as to present a desired picture. These groups are silently working to project the Islamic Movement as a bunch of lawless crowd, who are violent and terror-prone.

Solidarity with murderers: Shi’ah Cleric with murderers of members of the Islamic Movement

There are others also whose main responsibility is the silent but deliberate attempts at eroding the high moral standard known to have been established within the Movement by Sheikh Zakzaky. These seek out very young unsuspecting youths and deceive them into thinking that reading the Qur’an or prayers or fasting are not as rewarding. Even worse, they lure them into living a morally bankrupt life in the name of struggling to free Sheikh Zakzaky.

Common goals: Shi’ah cleric pose with those intent on obliterating the Islamic Movement

By whatever name or manner they come, these groups are all working for the murderous government of Buhari and his paymasters.

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