Govt Plots Ways To Stall Possible Court Granting Bail To Sheikh Zakzaky

Reports reaching us from very reliable sources indicate that the government of President Buhari is sweating it out on how best they could avert a potential granting of bail to ailing Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife by the Kaduna state high court.

These high level schemes are being discussed and they are leaving no stone unturned to see that the Judge doesn’t deliver his ruling on the bail application entered by the Sheikh’s lawyers led by Mr Femi Falana SAN.

In the last two court sessions, flimsy excuses were adduced as to why the Sheikh was not even presented in court. At one point, the judge was knocked down by a tricycle, which prevented him from making it to the court. During the last session however, it was on the pretence of not having enough security men because of the visit of the Vice president that they claimed stopped them from bringing the Sheikh to court.

According to our sources, they would do all within their powers to stop the court session from holding on the scheduled date of 7th November, 2018 when it is expected the judge will deliver his ruling.

The source continued that it is the thinking in the Presidency that they couldn’t trust the court to deliver a judgement favourable to them, seeing how previous cases involving the Sheikh or members of the Islamic Movement in Abuja and Kaduna all went in favour of the Sheikh and his Movement.

The Presidency was quoted as saying, “should we fold our hands and allow the court to grant this man bail, we would be finished.” The source had noted that the Presidency has said that governor Elrufai has woefully failed to use rival groups to either distract them or destabilize them completely.

Part of the new plots involve using the season of Arbaeen and cause confusion within the Movement and then use that as an excuse not to bring the Sheikh to court. Details of how they were going to use this isn’t clear at the moment.

However, they are working on leveraging on the current security challenges in the state to proffer as a reason for the court not to sit at all. Their operatives have been detailed to escalate the situation in the state for that purpose.

Another option they hope to utilize is using the expected labour strike over new minimum wage demand scheduled to commence on the 6th of November, 2018 a day before the expected appearance of the Sheikh in court for the ruling.

It will be recalled that Sheikh Zakzaky is being held for the past three years now, mostly incommunicado, and against a two-year judgement of a federal high court that ordered for his unconditional release and a compensation. The government has defiantly held on to him in contempt and rather charged him to court on framed up charges, and has taken all steps to stall further progress of the case so as to continue to hold on to him indefinitely.

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