Islamic Movement Shreds Nigerian Army Explanation On Attacks Of Religious Mourners At Abuja

Using the power of photos and videos, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has put to shreds the inexplicable justification of the Nigerian Army on the bestial attacks at a solemn religious procession yesterday at Zuba, Abuja.

The Nigerian Army, speaking through one

In a swift response however, the Islamic Movement issued a powerful refutal, picking holes in the army’s response.

One of such used #PhotoSpeak to deflate the allegations put up by the soldiers:

This was the peaceful mourning procession before the @HQNigerianArmy brutal attack yesterday in Zuba, Abuja as can be seen evidenced by Zuma rock far right in the background. Also visible is a police vehicle and police watching the procession by the side on the left and vehicles freely plying the roads as the procession solemnly moved on.

1. Where is the illegal road block?
2. Where was the denial of motorists free passage?
3. Where are the various objects used to barricade the road?
4. Where is the attack on security agents and vehicles?
5. Where is the attempt at overrunning escorts to cart away ammunition and missiles?

The Islamic Movement went on to state exactly what happened, again with #photospeak evidence as:

#PHOTOSPEAK: The fierce attacks by soldiers of @HQNigerianArmy at unarmed people scrambling for cover while the soldiers take deliberate steps to seek and shoot them dead yesterday at Zuba, Abuja.

The statement by the Islamic Movement concluded, the age long worn-out malevalent storylines by the military are no longer in vogue, and urged them to find other storylines. The statement further explained that what happened was done in broad daylight in full glare of the public and so the army cannot easily malign the Movement.

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