Military, Police Jointly Open Fire On Mourners Again In Abuja

Reports from Abuja indicate that a combined forces of soldiers of the Nigerian Army and Police have opened fire without warning on the hundreds of thousands of members of the Islamic Movement on Arbaeen mourning processions along Nyanyan just in the outskirts of Abuja.

A number of people have been reported dead, but it is not yet clear as reports are hazy at the moment.

A significant threat to lives still also exist as another contingent of soldiers are deployed to also kill some other thousands of worshippers coming from the other end of Abuja.


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One Thought to “Military, Police Jointly Open Fire On Mourners Again In Abuja”

  1. Lami Garba

    Allah ya tsine ma buhari. Yazidun zamaninnan. Yanaso ya farantama wahabiyawa rai. Very inhuman mai shan jini kawai. Bawan america. Dan shegiya

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