The Military Went Away With Majority Of Their Victims

In a desperate attempt at hiding the exact number of victims of their savage actions today, the Nigerian army retrieved majority of those they shot dead and took them to an undisclosed location.

The army brutally clamped down on unarmed men, women and children who were exercising their rights to practice the faith of their choice through the conduct of the Arbaeen symbolic trek, a key religious observance of the Shi’ah faith.

As a result, the exact number of those killed or maimed remains unclear. “We have four corpses with us, but the majority were taken away by the assailants,” according to Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello, the head of the Shuhadah (Martyrs) Foundation of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

“Nothing is clear at the moment because the soldiers additionally barricaded all roads that would have been used to reach the victims with assistance or rescue.”

Sheikh Abdulhamid further explained that, “the true extent of the damage inflicted by this unprovoked attack would not be known with certainty until much later.” Eyewitnesses however put the number of deaths at 15 at least, including one young lady identified simply as Fatima.

Hundreds of others survived with varying degrees of injuries, some critically and in dire need of urgent medical care but the military was still shooting randomly and these could not reasonably be taken to the hospital. Road side was used as an emergency unit in an attempt at resuscitating the injured.

Roadside clinic mounted by survivors as the military went away with many of the corpses and the injured

Fatima: Martyred by the cowardly acts of the Nigerian army today in Abuja?

Meanwhile, the military is also known to have arrested so many others including some with gunshot wounds. It is not clear where they were taken to

We will keep you informed on developments as we have our reporters on ground.


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