A Day To Court Ruling On Zakzaky Bail, Govt Desperately Seeks Ways To Avoid Sitting

It is barely twenty four hours before the much expected court appearance of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife before a Kaduna High Court presided by Justice Kurada, during which he is expected to rule on the bail application put forward by the defence counsels, led by Femi Falana, Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

The court could not sit in about three different occasions previously as the government through its prosecution counsels seeks to frustrate progress in the case, thereby denying possible granting of bail to the sick duo.

During the last date for the sitting, both the Sheikh and his wife were not even brought to court. The pretence was that the Vice President was to visit Kaduna, and so the prosecution put that as an excuse why the Sheikh could not be brought to court, because according to the prosecution counsels, there was not enough security personnel to cover both the Vice President and the court session. This was despite the usual mounting of very tight security net in all roads leading up to and around the court premises that blocked all persons and motorists from getting to at least one kilimeter anywhere close to the court.

Earlier sittings could also not hold because the government would not bring the Sheikh to court, and there was no explanation whatsoever offered or even that the judge was involved in a very suspicious accident rendering him unable to sit.

We had earlier informed you about the desperation of the government to prevent the court from sitting by all means so as to continue to hold on to the Sheikh for as long as eternity.

The government was leveraging on the industrial action expected to be declared this morning by the labour Union over the nonpayment of minimum wage as a valid reason to potentially stop the court sitting from going ahead. This was after they tried to escalate the crisis in the state to prolong the imposition of curfew in the town failed . Now that the Labour Union has withdrawn the proposed strike action, it is not clear what excuses the government will give this time around.

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