Police Handover 10 More Corpses of Shi’ites Killed By Military In Abuja

The Nigerian Police today Tuesday, 6th November, 2018 handed over the remains of an additional 10 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria killed by the Nigerian army in Abuja last week.

These were some of the victims the soldiers took along with them after they massacred unarmed members of the Islamic Movement who were conducting a religious event of Arbaeen mourning procession by opening fire on them over three days.

These corpses were taken to 3 different mortuaries spread across Abuja as follows: Three were deposited at General Hospital in Gwagwalada, five were taken to General Hospital Asokoro and two were taken to the mortuary of the National Hospital Abuja.

At least 50 people are known to have been killed over the three days of the massacre by the army, despite the soldiers trying to downplay the numbers by claiming that only three lost their lives. Earlier, the funeral of six of those killed was done and that of additional 35 others who lost their lives was also done.

It has now become a usual practice of the Nigerian army to pick the corpses of their victims in an attempt at hiding the extent of their atrocities. During the Zaria genocide, they had claimed that only seven people lost their lives while in reality over a thousand people were murdered by them extra judicially. However, it later became clear that they had buried them secretly in mass graves, with at least one of such mass grave containing 347 people.

The Islamic Movement has declared scores still missing after the Arbaeen attacks by the military, in addition to the hundreds arrested and detained, the scores left with varying degrees of injuries and the 50 killed.

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