Nigerian Army Warns, Expect More Deaths Because We Don’t Have Rubber Bullets

The Spokesman of Defence Headquarters, DHQ, John Agim, has issued a threat that Nigerians should expect more brutal killings of unarmed civilians, especially members of the Islamic Movement, because they would use live ammunition against them as they don’t have rubber bullets.

The Defence Spokesperson, Brigadier General John Agim made these threats when he was speaking at the Osasu Show television program, characterized by lies, threats and more lies.

The army spokesman lied that only three members of the Islamic Movement were killed, when the army used brute force to attack unarmed civilians on a religious procession over three different days at three different locations in Abuja last week. A total of over 50 persons were known to have been brutally killed by the army in these horrendous attacks.

Again he lied when he denied that the soldiers were not sent to disrupt the religious procession by the Movement, when from all available evidence it was clear that they were deliberately out to wipe out the Movement judging by the way the military opened fire on them at three different locations in Abuja.

He continued the worn out narrative usually given by the military to justify their use of brute force on clearly peaceful unarmed citizens. According to him, “they are a law unto themselves. They do anything,” as if to suggest that killing them indiscriminately and extra judiciously was the solution.

When he was asked why the Shi’ites are asked to obey the law while the Federal Government has refused to obey the court order to release El-Zakzaky, Agim quibbled: “So they are attacking the military to show their dissatisfaction with the government, then they should be ready for the consequence.” He did not show any evidence that the military was being attacked in any way. Rather, he threatened, “we don’t have rubber bullets when we are sent on assignments,” suggesting that they will even kill more.


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