Damn, that was depressing! Nigerians React To Nigerian Military Cowardly Attacks On Islamic Movt

“Damn, that was depressing! Has anyone else noticed how he (Military spokesman talked about citizens following the law while deflecting the question of the court’s ruling to release the Shi’a leader? Damn, that was depressing!” That was the reaction of one concerned citizen to the words of the Military spokesman, who spoke with Osasu on her show: Matters Arising, Islamic Movement of Nigeria, last week following the cowardly attacks on unarmed members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria who were on peaceful mourning procession, killing over 50 citizens.

Another commentator wrote in reaction to the shameful display by the Nigerian army, “The world is starting to see the plight of the Shia in Nigeria. The hole that the Nigerian military has dug for itself is too deep to escape now. And Buhari and his unjust military thugs are now on the radar.”

You can watch the show here:

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