Watch Out: Enemies Will Never Stop Their Plots Against Us, Sheikh Zakzaky Warns

They plant moles within and viciously attack us from outside, all attempting to smear our name and thereby obliterate the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
All their work has been in vain.


The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky had warned members to be vigilant not to be caught unawares by enemy plots.

The Sheikh had said that some people were given a contract of 8m Naira each to infiltrate the Movement with a view of causing confusion from within. Then the authorities would use that as an excuse to attack and kill some people.

Since the past three years, the authorities, through their clones within had tried unsuccessfully to plant the seed of discord within the Movement but failed woefully.

But as the Sheikh mentioned, “they would never stop plotting, ” which underscores the importance of continued vigilance.

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