Nigerian Army’s Cowardice, Incompetence Exposed As COAS, Spokesman Shirk in Fright

The Nigerian Army’s shameful silence over the loss of its officers and men to ragtag Boko Haram fighters recently in Borno state has once again brought to the fore the fact that the Army is being led by cowardly and incompetent men, whose strength they only brazenly display when they are out to attack unarmed boys, women and children who are peacefully protesting (as seen in Abuja recently) or at their homes at night ( as seen in Zaria in 2015). All of a sudden, the ever pompous army chief and spokesmen have been subdued into silence.

If in the past, the Nigerian soldiers took to their heels in fright at the sight of Boko Haram thugs, this time they were caught napping, subdued and humiliated. The voiciferous and brazen show of force and invincibility has suddenly melted into thin air.

We now know that their savagery is only manifested on unarmed women and children. As one of the soldiers who managed to escape said, they were helpless when it mattered most. They had advance notice of an impending attack of almost 72 hours. Yet all they could do was to wait.

According to the survivor soldier, it took less than an hour for Boko Haram thugs to overrun their base and kill nearly a hundred soldiers as others fled for their lives. The thugs made away with military vehicles and ammunition as spoils of war.

“Boko Haram issued a threat letter last Friday that it would soon take over four strategic military locations around the Lake Chad region,” the survivor soldier revealed.

“The attack came at about 6 pm on Monday evening”, said the soldier. “When the soldier on top of the observation post alerted that a large number of Boko Haram fighters were advancing, we all got alarmed as we took cover and waited within the base in Metele.”

We didn’t see the famed bravery of the Nigerian soldiers, which they repeatedly display when brutally attacking unarmed Shiites on peaceful protests.

He continued, “the fight didn’t last for more than 45 minutes, but it was bloody. When we realised the fight would be against us, we decided to retreat from the camp, but it was rather too late. The camp was surrounded with barbed wire, and the enemy fire was coming from the direction of the entrance. We were like surrounded.”

The Nigerian army that often puts up the lame excuses that they were attacked by Shiites in an alleged attempt to seize their weapons each time they (the Army) brutally killed the helpless Shiites, could not defend their weapons this time around against Boko Haram thugs as they tried to escape. “One of the drivers of the gun trucks decided to push through the barbed wire so that other vehicles could follow and escape, but the truck got stuck, that was how many of our soldiers in other vehicles and those on foot were massacred. Those that managed to escape with injuries made it on foot to Monguno where they boarded commercial vehicles, some even sat in the booth of the Golf cars to get to Maiduguri,” the soldier revealed. “The Boko Haram made away with about seven gun trucks of the Nigeria army,” he said.a

According to the soldier, an attempt to return to the battlefield to evacuate the bodies of the fallen heroes was thwarted. “They could only pick about five corpses before they suffered yet another ambush attack from Boko Haram fighters, forcing them to abandon the mission and fled.”

The Soldier said, “we need the world to hear how we are being sent to slaughter as though our lives don’t matter”.

It would make sense to request that he and his colleagues should also realize how they are being sent by their leaders to slaughter the unarmed Shiites on peaceful protest as if their lives don’t matter.

“We beg the Nigerian media to help us by echoing out our muffled voices. The children of poor Nigerians have been turned into chicken meant for easy sacrifices by our commanders. We are being killed on a daily basis as if our lives don’t matter, the distraught soldier further submitted.

It is very surprising to see the Nigerian army fretting in the face of death soon after it untimely liquidated the lives of young unarmed citizens in Abuja recently through a state-sponsored terror executed by its cowardly soldiers.

Meanwhile, their commanders, including the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Commander in Chief, President Buhari and the Army spokesman are all so dead mute with neither explanation nor even some words of condolence for the families of these poor soldiers used for sacrifice and the Nation.

They were busy on the campaign trail of President Buhari. This has now become the norm for the incompetent President to pretend nothing has happened. Similarly, when the murderous Boko Haram killed scores of soldiers on August 2, Buhari pretended it never happened and instead chose to meet with senators from his party who had threatened to defect to PDP. The tragic death of soldiers doesn’t bother him a bit. Compare that to his concern when his wayward son fell off a sports motorcycle. He quickly ferried him to Germany for world-class medical attention. As soldiers were being battered by those his government released on the pretence of “reformed Boko Haram terrorist’s,” his incompetent service chiefs were busy attending his reelection campaign in the presidential villa.

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