Victory Is Not Achieved By The Use Of Brute Force And Sophisticated Weapons – Sheikh Zakzaky

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has revealed the secret to the success of the Islamic MOvement in Nigeria barely a month before the Nigerian Army used brute force in a futile attempt to annihilate the Movement. He said “some people think success is achieved by the use of brute force and sophisticated weapons.” Asking rhetorically, “is it weapons that were used to gather all these followers? Was war waged? Were insults used?”

He went on to explain what the secret behind the huge success of the Movement was in gathering such a huge number of dedicated people who are more than ready to pay the supreme sacrifice if need be for the cause of the Movement.”It’s all about wisdom and scholarship,” he said.

He disclosed that “threats of shedding our blood or putting us to death does nothing but only strengthens our resolve.” Adding that it was up to the authorities to do their worst.

He advised the government “not to make the mistake of using brute force against the Movement, stressing that should his advice be ignored, “I assure you double losses, in this life and in the hereafter.”

The Sheikh swore that they would regret the use of force, because “the use of brute force against the Movement would only further spread the ideals of the Movement in ways the government would least expect.”

Watch the video of his Speech here:


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