Islamic Movement Marks 3rd Anniversary Of Zaria Genocide

Arrangements have been concluded by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the heinous Zaria massacre, which was executed by the Nigerian Army in the weekend of 12th -14th December 2015 during which over a thousand innocent souls were killed and were hurriedly buried in mass graves by the rampaging soldiers.

Activities earmarked to be conducted include mass street actions and processions, rallies and prayers in mosques, symposia and exhibitions. Others include visitations to the graveside of some of the martyrs of the genocide that started three years ago in Zaria and purposive sit-out sessions to recant the stories of the genocide. These will mainly take place in Abuja, the Federal Capital as well as in all other major towns of the country.

These solemn events are expected to end peacefully in our traditional ways and call on the members of the public to understand and bear with us.

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