“Their Main And Only Strategy Against Us Is To Plant Their Men To Do Terrorist Acts So They Could Attribute It To Us” – Sheikh Zakzaky

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, had said that Nigerian Security forces had long desired how they would plant their men within the Movement to carry arms or do some terrorist act so that it could be attributed to the Movement. That has been their main and only strategy and they have never varied it.

The Sheikh narrated measures taken to avert such plot in one such previous occasion, when he instructed that no member of the Islamic Movement should appear at a location where their men, who were armed soldiers, dressed as volunteers of the Islamic Movement who were given orders to open fire at a convoy of military vehicles that was to pass the very location. He said he also completely avoided that route and altered the time of his movement on learning about that plot.

The revered Sheikh therefore called on the members of the Movement to be vigilant because in the future, they will infiltrate the Movement so that they will be assumed to be members of the Movement, who would then carry out their terrorist acts.

Explaining further why the Islamic Movement does not need weapons, Sheikh Zakzaky said, “gun is the weapon of the insane. Our own weapon is sanity. The security agents are the insane, they are the murderers. We are working to save lives and not to destroy them!”

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